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Behold! The full list of Chatterbox Audio Theater shows! This is what you came for, right? Get to listening!

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Full Show List

Alice in Wonderland

Argonautica, Part 1

Argonautica, Part 2


Bartleby the Scrivener, Part 1

Bartleby the Scrivener, Part 2



The Bremen Town Musicians

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Chatterbox Showcase, Episode 01


Chatterbox Showcase, Episode 02

Dandelion Wishes

Dead and Gone


The Dead Girl, Episode 1

The Dead Girl, Episode 2

The Dead Girl, Episode 3


Esmerelda the Ugly Princess


The Fisherman and His Soul


Gawain and the Green Knight

Grimms' Fairy Tales

Halloween Show 2008, Part 1


Halloween Show 2008, Part 2

Halloween Show 2009, Part 1

Halloween Show 2009, Part 2


Halloween Show 2010

Halloween Show 2011

Halloween Show 2012


Halloween Show 2014

Head, Heart, Courage



The Human Experience 01: Love

The Human Experience 02: Fear

In the Penal Colony


Journey of Truth

The Kallahoney Kids vs. the Shadow-Monsters

King Me


La Parure


The Man Who Could Work Miracles


Marjorie and the Magic Words


Master Zacharius, Part 1


Master Zacharius, Part 2

Meridian 7-1212



Mythologia, Episode 01: Cupid and Psyche

Mythologia, Episode 02: Annie Christmas

Mythologia, Episode 03: The Aesir and the Building of the Wall


The Nature of Captivity

The Necklace

Oedipus the King, Act I


Oedipus the King, Act II

Oedipus the King, Act III

Partridge's Perfect Present


The Pied Piper

Pinocchio, Book 1: Between God and Evil

Pinocchio, Book 2: The Devil You Know


Pinocchio, Book 3: Fathers and Sons

Prison Stories

The Queen Bee



Rip Van Winkle

Robots, Vampires, and Satellites


Roman a Clef, Part 1

Roman a Clef, Part 2

The Separate Self


The Shadow: The Little Man Who Wasn't There

The Shepherd of Clouds

Sight Gag 01


Sight Gag 02

Sight Gag 03

Sight Gag 04



Snow Globe, Act One

Snow Globe, Act Two


The Sonic Environment

Spoon River Anthology, Part 1

Spoon River Anthology, Part 2


Stone Soup

Surfacing, Episode 1

Surfacing, Episode 2


Surfacing, Episode 3

The Tell-Tale Heart

Theseus and the Minotaur


Thumbnail Theater

Time to Go

The Warriors, Part 1


The Warriors, Part 2

The Yellow Wallpaper


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