Alex Rapp

Alex Rapp

Alex Rapp is a local Memphis actor who has been acting since he was ten years old. Since his start as a ensemble actor, Alex has progressed to portray larger on-stage roles such as King Sextimus the Silent in The Prince and the Pea, Sir Francis Cromarty in Around the World in 80 Days, and his personal favorite, The Mysterious Man in Into the Woods. Since 2012, Alex has strayed away from stage theater and has shifted to the realm of voice acting. He portrayed multiple minor roles in online animations for years, with his largest role being the major villains in Project Voicebend's second season.


Role   Show
Ensemble ..................... The Fisherman and His Soul
Sound Effects ..................... The Fisherman and His Soul


The Nature of Captivity
By Matthew Paul Olmos
Directed by Robert Arnold
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