Laura Loth

Laura Loth

A French professor at Rhodes College by day, Laura Loth has dreamed of a career in radio since her days as a Ph.D. student at the University of Minnesota listening to the rich variety of public radio shows offered by Minnesota Public Radio. Until her participation in "The Necklace/La Parure," she has only made it on the airwaves once, as the deejay of an international music show on WRUC, widely recognized as America's first college radio station at Union College in Schenectady, NY. She is thrilled to be collaborating with the gifted team at Chatterbox, and hopes that this is just the beginning of many such bilingual radio initiatives in Memphis.


Role   Show
Mathilde Loisel ..................... La Parure
Mathilde Loisel ..................... The Necklace


The Nature of Captivity
By Matthew Paul Olmos
Directed by Robert Arnold
If you're in the Memphis area and would like to participate in a Chatterbox recording, check out our open call for auditions!

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