Adria Vitlar

Adria Vitlar

Adria has been drawing for as long as she can remember. Her mother taught her to draw with the leftover supplies from her college major. At age thirteen, after moving to Pittsburgh, her mother put in her in acting classes to cure her of her shyness and meet new friends, and her love affair with theatre began.

After struggling to choose between two careers -- comic book artist or actress -- theatre finally won the battle. Adria has a BFA in musical theatre from Penn State and an MFA in acting from Yale University. Her favorite roles include Portia in The Merchant of Venice, Natalya in A Month in the Country, and Cherie in Bus Stop. She is an avid practitioner of hot yoga and tae kwon do, and still enjoys creating comic book characters whose alter egos closely resemble her friends and family.


Role   Show
Artist ..................... Pinocchio, Book 1: Between God and Evil
Artist ..................... Pinocchio, Book 2: The Devil You Know
Artist ..................... Pinocchio, Book 3: Fathers and Sons


The Nature of Captivity
By Matthew Paul Olmos
Directed by Robert Arnold
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