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02/26/17 - Scavenge. Our Thumbnail Theater series concludes with a young man riding his bike to the neighborhood park in order to carry out a peculiar plan. Enjoy Scavenge!

02/12/17 - The Great Mississippi Flood. Our latest Thumbnail Theater episode takes the form of a blues song recounting the 1927 natural disaster.

01/29/17 - The British Army Makes a Pot Roast. Our "Thumbnail Theater" series continues as two soldiers face a strange assignment.

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Thumbnail Theater

Thumbnail Theater

By Various
Directed by Robert Arnold
Updated November 20, 2016
These "micro shows" tell a complete story in just a few minutes. Whether funny, frightening, poignant, thought-provoking, or surreal, they showcase the ability of audio theater to create worlds inside your imagination. More...

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By Kyle Hatley
Directed by Robert Arnold
47:45 minutes | Posted October 30, 2016
Through candid interviews and archival recordings, three women tell the story of the inescapable evil that haunts their family. As each subsequent generation suffers new horrors, they also begin to piece together an understanding of the curse that flows down their bloodline. More...

The Man Who Could Work Miracles

The Man Who Could Work Miracles

By H.G. Wells
Adapted by Robert Arnold
Songs by Steven Gary
41:19 minutes | Posted September 25, 2016
George McWhirter Fotheringay is just a regular bloke... until he discovers the ability to make things happen simply by thinking about them. He tries to use his power for good but can't quite seem to get it right. An original musical adaptation of H.G. Wells's comic story. More...