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Edgar Allen Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart

The Tell-Tale Heart

Written by Edgar Allan Poe
Directed by Robert Arnold
23:13 minutes | Posted October 25, 2015
Haunted by an old man's "evil eye," a woman commits a shocking act of violence. But although she conceals the crime, the old man's presence is not so easily forgotten. A classic tale of madness and murder from the great Edgar Allan Poe. More...

Marjorie and the Magic Words

Marjorie and the Magic Words

by Robert Arnold
Directed by Leslie Barker
35:40 minutes | Posted August 17, 2015
Bookworm Marjorie is jealous of her sister's birthday present. So she travels through a series of great stories from classic literature in order to find the magic words that will help her. A family-friendly tale about the power of language and stories. More...

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